Tuesday, August 21, 2012

wouldn't it be nice

I don't know if I've mentioned it quite yet but I have (almost) never been so grateful as I am for discovering that I have extended family here.
I'm still too much of baby to deal with being away from home, I guess.
And nothing says home quite like eating dumprings (with tons of hot sauce and kimchi - I'm pretty sure I single handedly finished 3/4 of the container) until walking becomes too much of a chore.
Worth it.  I didn't even feel guilty.

No big deal, just churned out a huge plate of dumprings as my aunt rolled out the homemade skins.  Heads up Dad, we aren't buying those silly frozen things anymore.
Makes me feel like such a lazy American.

I think I've explained the relationship, but I haven't talked about their two little girls, Natalie and Rebecca, who are about Alfred's age (gah, Alfred!) and bicker with each other quite a bit, especially at the dinner table.  And eating is somewhat of a difficult task for them (like it is for Alfred - I am quite possibly the only fatass of this family's generation).  So adorable - probably because I am not their parent.  And their little accents.  Too cute.  For some reason, when I think of accents, I never think of children as having them, so when I hear them on the streets, I melt a bit.  Maybe I would consider having kids if I raised them here.
Ate them cold the next morning and realized they are like the Chinese equivalent of sleepover pizza - consume like last meal at unseemly late hour, eat at kitchen counter seconds after pulling leftovers out of fridge.
Uni is so fast here.  I don't know how these kids balance 7 nights of partying with 4 classes crammed into 12 weeks.  I can't say it's looking too good for my grades.
Apparently I felt a three hour nap after ferociously eating the last of my leftovers was more important than memorizing the structures of all 20 amino acids (by the way, I cannot tell you the disappointment at the bottom of my heart when Professor Gooley did not laugh and say 'I'm kidding').  Not like I'm going to Sydney for the whole weekend or anything...
 I evidently have extended family there on the dad's side, too.
Just to round it all out, I want to find my mom's family in China at the end of the semester.  I have this movie-like image of me walking up to a modest red door at the end of a random alleyway, knocking twice, and dissolving into mush when the grandmother I haven't seen in eleven years opens the door.
Wishing myself luck...
in everything, I guess.

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