Monday, April 17, 2017

after skool buddies

My childhood friends taught me how to be a boy. They at least made me wish I was one. And I always think fondly about my early childhood because of them, because of the ways we spent the weekend. It's sort of funny to think back to those days when I was the "boss." The oldest, so I got to be the leader. And now here I am struggling to come up with examples of leadership in adulthood. Anyways, the point is it's crazy to reunite with these kids, who I've always regarded as kids even though I'm only a couple years older. It's like watching in disbelief as your little siblings grow up. The word to describe catching up with Andy at Skool is surreal. It's been something like eleven years. Twelve? Over ten, for sure. And you still seem like the same goofy boy I loved growing up with.
uni flan - light sea urchin flan, ikura, fresh uni, fleur de sel
Briny and refreshing at the same time. An uni explosion that I couldn't get enough of.
squid ink spaghettina - squid, shrimp, garlic tomato compote, red curry, lemon grass dashi broth, seaweed butter, enoki mushrooms, shiso
Seems like a lot, seems overdone. I was skeptical, but all worked so well. Especially that seaweed butter, mmugh.
Thanks for eating exotic sea things with me and my weird family. See you next time, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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