Thursday, April 20, 2017


Count on Jared to break in the propane grill for me. Not that it hasn't been used since I moved in... just not by me.
carne asada
lemongrass chicken
charred tomatoes
roasted eggplant
jicama and apple slaw
pickled carrots/cabbage/turnip
all wrapped up in warmed tortillas

Thank you Trader Joe's for your snacks and picnic-proper goodies. We depend on you. Felt super idyllic and lavish to be picnicking at a vineyard under the shade of a giant climb-able tree. With our cured meats and three types of cheese and dips and fruits both fresh and dried and homemade sourdough. And Jules made sure we didn't forget the cookies - one fancy, one decadent.

And when we ran out of homemade sourdough, J&J picked up Tartine's country loaf for Yosemite in preparation of our picnic in the woods. On a rock next to Mirror Lake. Where we had to brace ourselves against a relentless gust of wind. With clementines, an avocado, and a jar of roasted red peppers because we had to keep it simple and modest..

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