Sunday, February 19, 2017

my cutest food frand

Away in Seattle on 2/12, so this comes a biiiiit delayed...

...for my twin in the halls of Babcock. Just kidding. We're actually the same person.

I miss eating with you. Especially on sunny and breezy weekend days, as perfect as Yum Yum Fest 2016.
Sardine's crepe with wood-fired roasted duck, peach preserves, goat cheese, summer veggies, and toasted almonds.

Osteria Papavera's seafood fritto misto

Salvatore's veal rotolo saltimbocca with wilted spinach, coppa, meyer lemon aioli, fried sage, and sartori montamore

Nostrano's ice cream floats with buttermilk gelato with grape soda.

Grampa's truffled chicken dumpling with foie gras torchon (admired from afar).
... look at this pile of truffles.

h a p p y b i r t h d a y l e s l i e

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