Saturday, December 31, 2016

midwestern accents can sound european

Jenna dubbed me "whey too cleaver with the puns" and now my entire office thinks I'm supposed to be funny.
And what do we do when friends are in town with friends?
All together now:
we eat.
We stand in line at Mr. Holmes because it's basically a special occasion and conveniently right around the corner from where I was supposed to claim Jenna and Lauren for the weekend. 

We nibble on an excess of croissants right before a chilly hike because it's necessary.
pumpkin chickpea curry
strawberry jalepeno bearclaw
pear donut
2x cruffin (aka kerfuffin)
and 2x the greatest ham and cheese croissant I've ever had the pleasure to put in my mouth

We get late night sushi after many laughs with Iliza Shlesinger.
a spoon of uni with avocado, wasabi soy, sea salt
a spoon of ankimo (monkfish liver pate)
a roll topped with mackerel tataki

We sleep in sweetly before gorging ourselves on brunch but not before a partial walk around Lake Merritt.
seasonal pickle plate
meat garbage bread with marinara and pesto

And then we shiver and stroll on Telegraph at the holiday fair and fawn over cute things.

We say goodbye and see you next soon and feel bittersweet about another good weekend come and gone.

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