Friday, November 18, 2016

honey you don't want my problems

My mantras come in threes. Be patient. Be kind. Be forgiving.
This is Friday before the season of too many holidays.
Trying to figure out how to distribute all the me-time that is to come. Last year when I thought I'd have plenty of me-time around this time, it turned into a lot of... other-time. A lot of unexpected other-time that just extended into giving away all my me-time little by little (well more like lot by lot). And sometimes it's really difficult to take it all back.
Me-time is like girls brunch sometimes. In the sense that there is focus and stimulation at the same time. And there is reflection even if there isn't obvious reflection. Most importantly, there is the reminder that me-time should be carefully guarded and only given to people who can handle this.

Kitchen Story
Girls brunch is about strawberry salad with grilled shrimps, spinach, avocado, maple glazed walnut, mint, goat cheese, red wine vinaigrette.
It's about crab panini with celery, garlic spread, caper, pimento, arugula, and pepper jack.
And it's definitely about mascarpone stuffed deep fried french toast.

Market Bar
Girls brunch is also poblano pepper and house made Italian sausage flatbread with perfect sunny egg and Rumiano dry jack cheese. Cut up into easy-to-eat squares for Amelia's benefit. Wish life could be this way.

"But this one friend seems so rich that she swirls her wine and stuff ... And she has a stock broker and stuff and I'm just like wow"
-texts from baby brother

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