Monday, January 4, 2016

four parts

Potato zucchini waffles adapted from here.

Some time ago, Amy and I had talked a lot about values.  Well, kind of.  We took up a "project" to write down our core values.  And it's harder than you'd think...  There I was at 23, thinking I knew what I wanted, who I wanted, and how I wanted it all.
After many many many days of rumination and running through life events, I only came up with three and one of them was lifted from Mindy Kaling.  Realizing instead that good solid core values are hard to pinpoint and put into words when you're still trying to figure shit out.  So instead, I found myself inspired by the midseason finale of Jane the Virgin.  At a time when I most need to be CALM, cool, and collected. 

spicy brown mustard C is for Cooking.  Obviously.  Especially evident when I go too long without being able to for myself.
Bahn mi pickles A is for Activity.  Physical, aerobic, heart pumping, sweaty activity.  Because there isn't a more constructive way to work off lab frustrations.
chipotle berry jam L is for Long walks.  Especially after dinner.  Especially with good conversation.
Sriracha M is for Madison.  Or more specifically, how I feel about it and how I've felt since being in it. 
But the most important life lesson/tip/hack is that salt is the best condiment.

First real person day of 2016 going just as slowly as I imagined it would.
Doesn't matter.  None made.

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