Monday, February 9, 2015

pickles and mayo

We have a julienne peeler at home that I never fully took advantage of.  Pity because my knife cuts are kind of tragic.

  I added bahn mi to my list of dinners when I was looking up ways to use up some dried plums, and I still had a loaf of frozen JJ's bread left.  First things first, then, were the pickles.  You might notice I'm missing a pretty mason jar full of white radish, but don't worry, I'm just as upset as you are about that.  Turns out, a shipment of that wouldn't be getting to Midway until 4-5 hours after I was there, and as it was the third grocery stop I made that day, I was just going to have to suck it up and move on.  So I did and pickled some cucumbers with dried chilies instead.
Bahn mis didn't come until after I marinated my last spare rib (from this time), Korean style with shredded apples instead of pears.  After panning (it's our new way of saying 'pan-frying') the lone rib, I reduced the marinade because I couldn't bear to just throw all that flavor away.  So that's what's piled all atop the meat with some tragically cut carrots, red cabbage... and scallions.  And yes, it was definitely missing a big steaming bowl of Jasmine rice.
Got around to making mini bahn mis (take two) after break with my beloved pickles, Kasia's excess of cilantro, nontraditional spinach in one and egg in the other for funsies...
...and Sriracha mayo with my new favorite jar of goodness.  
I was trying to avoid having to get mayo for my sandwiches when I ended up doing some casual research on Hampton Creek Foods while dreaming about playing with plant proteins under their supervision.  I made a resolution.  Climbed out of bed on a Sunday (which is unheard of if you know me) to trek to Whole Foods just to get this one delicious jar of mayo, so you could call this my most prized condiment.  I'm not going to lie, I kind of sat there and just admired the simplicity of the logo after mixing two spoonfuls of it with one spoonful of Sriracha.
Sometimes I want fries just so I have an excuse to eat this stuff.

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