Thursday, November 5, 2015

dip off

When I dip, you dip, we dip champ.

Inspired yet again by aimless food blog surfing.  But it took Julia's demanding enthusiasm to get me to follow through.
I had tried soft pretzels before sans baking soda bath, and I learned that you definitely eat with your eyes first.  The iconic brown color was what really impressed myself and others.
It was a German-y night with brats, onions and peppers, and Warped Speed Scotch ale and white cheddar cheese sauce, a recipe that I really should've kept track of...
[Because I tried again... and it was such a failure.]
It was an inspiring night that lead to a whole Sunday dedicated to soft pretzels and dipping sauces.
Supposedly centered around a Packers game, which I promise I kind of watched (I even joined a Fantasy league this year.  Go Sports!), we decided to hold a dip off competition at Maxine's new homey home complete with interesting art and pool table.
Letting the dough rise by the heater underneath the cabinets.
Making do with pink Himalayan sea salt because I guess we are fancy football fans.
Unravelling pretzel that looks kind of.. questionable.  But surrounded by cute chubby mini pretzels.
And a table filled with an array of cheesy dips.  Spinach dips.  Artichoke dips.  Pesto dips.  Buffalo dips.  Store bough dips.  Chips and dip.  Nutella peanut butter dip.  And apples.  Where does one even start?
As for the winner/runner up pair?  House rules house wins.

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