Monday, June 15, 2015


Dough is incredibly therapeutic.  Making it exactly what I need right now.
Only the smell of yeast and feel of an elastic ball of flour and water can alleviate the tense state I'm almost constantly in.  It's like a stress ball you can eventually bake and eat.  Which means I have to keep putting together new stress balls.
My resolution to avoid buying bread is still going strong with this loaf of simple sandwich bread.  Concealing a secret sesame scallion swirl.
Egg white gochujang sandwich.
Hazelnut romanesco toast with scallion and almost sunny side up egg.
These are the sorts of small motions that pull me through the few hours I have to spend at home.  These are the lost and rarely found weekend mornings.  I can feel my nerves slowly degenerate, and if there were only a couch I could sleep on at work, it'd be more preferred to my apartment.  Is there anything worse than when you are no longer calm and comfortable in your own home?

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