Monday, June 1, 2015

drunken whiskey dates

My new favorite blogger of the foodiesphere is Lady and Pups.  She kind of takes Asian fusion down an unpredictable path, and while her flavor combinations make so much sense in my mind's tongue, I know I would've never pulled them out of my own fatigued and abused brain (need to stop depending on TV to fall asleep).  I have about ten, give or take, of her posts bookmarked under "eventually."
Not really Asian, but finally got around to this one in time for Jules' send off potluck.
But mine are collectively more like the shorter, stubbier baby sister of Mandy's.  Mine were limited by both the 5 oz bag of leftover dates that eagerly awaited use for several months and the time I did not wish to spend baking in numerous batches.  But mine shouldn't be punished for the lazy neglect of their creator.  Because mine just want to be loved, too.  And loved they were.  Not for their uneven, unassuming, puffy exterior, but for their spicy and chewy, not overly sweet, interior.  This is another lesson in "it's what on the inside that counts."
Mine fancy spiced whiskey over rum.  Are besties with coffee and ice cream.  And they like to surprise you with an occasional salty bite that is enough to keep you interested without becoming boring (okay but so probably do Mandy's because choice of sea salt can only be so different).

The Terrace is quickly becoming my most favorite place.
Oh science.  How grad school has made me so disillusioned with it all.

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