Monday, April 6, 2015


I must be obsessed with this girl because this is my third post grad sighting of her.
And yes, the Thrill counts because it takes a lot of effort to pull me out of the comfort of my bed in my parents' home.
So down I go to crash the mini Yalie reunion to see Nance Pants during her final exploration of Chi Town.
I've never been so impressed with myself.  Up at 6:30am... asleep by somewhere between 3-4am (unclear because my phone was quite dead).

We started the day with mimosa brunch at LOKal.  I think going into it knowing I'm a terrible day drinker encouraged me to drink more.  Had to get my money's worth.  Their rule, as I understand it, is that you get as many carafes of mimosas as it takes to finish your entree, so I thought it'd be a great idea to exercise restraint in eating by punctuating each bite with a large gulp of mimosa.
 Too many delicious choices, but I ended up going with the Duck Confit Benedict for obvious reasons if you know me.  Came with a side of crispy potatoes, and we learned that 78 Red is delicious.
Stumbled around Wicker Park, picked up a Batman sweater along the way (new standard of shopping decisions: would or would not bang?), and gawked at some Easter donuts before ending up at Jeni's to fill our already bursting stomaches.
 Noir D'Ivoire and Toasted Brioche with butter and black currant jam.  I wouldn't say these flavors meld together, but I panicked making a decision.  Everything required a taste, but the line of artisan ice cream enthusiasts was too much pressure, so I went with salty licorice and breakfast after tasting two overpowering, herby flavors.  The Noir D'Ivoire (which I still can't pronounce) was salty enough that I couldn't stop eating it... less ice cream and more like a bag of potato chips.  Brioche took some getting used to texturally because it was gritty from the bits of bread or cake or whatever but I loved how tart the jam swirls were.

Got some touristy matters on Magnificent Mile out of the way, smelled all the Adagio teas, and searched for samples to no avail at beautiful Eataly before finding a bar where we could set up camp for five hours.
It was there that I stress consumed a basket of truffle fries and three alcohols.  Not during the Duke game because that was over before it was over.  But Wisconsin had me excited enough to get through an Indie dance party and casual 3am chit chat.  And now I've never been more excited to watch a sporting event.  Sconnie just brings it out in me I guess.


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