Monday, October 29, 2012

I know I've already inserted little quips about how much I miss Mexican food, but the further removed I am from it, the more I want it.  And we were briefly talking about Durham food/exploring Durham the other day.  I still get the feeling that I haven't found a place that really matches up in NC, but the first thing I'm going to do when I get home is to take Alfred around in search of all the sketchy, hole-in-the-wall places.

El Cuscatleco - first Groupon meal and waitress with limited English came with much confusion about the bill.
Combo fajita
Satisfying but fajitas will never be as good as Gabriel's but that's probably because the place was a childhood/family favourite, make a special out-of-our-way trip for it, kind of place.  It was where my dad always took important people who were visiting NM.  Where they have table-side guac service, and I, as an 8-year-old or thereabouts, always ordered the fajitas which took up half the table and ate the leftovers for breakfast because half the fun of eating them was creating your own combinations.

Andrew's tamale with stuffed arepa

Los Comales de Durham
Red chicken mole
 The best part about this place is their salsa bar.  The best part of any place is their salsa bar, actually.
I wish I remembered more about the mole other than that it was nothing to complain about.  This is why I shouldn't wait a year to blog about things.

 Alicia's selection of tacos that included what I think are barbacoa, carnitas, and offal (don't remember which ones).

Dos Perros - graduation lunch with my brother
Chorizo con nopales (aka the Thursday special)
Let my clarify that it was Alfred's graduation, stole him from school after their 5th grade ceremony to take him on a hunt for Dos Perros.  And it was quite a hunt thanks to all the random one-way roads in Durham and my shitty phone GPS.  We ended up trekking for miles (okay so it was maybe about a mile) in the hot sun after finding free parking.  I was ready to give up but the kid really wanted the hot dog dish that they happened to be out of that day (wish I could provide more detail but it's also no longer on the menu).
Anyways, the chorizo was great and spicy and cheesey and I wouldn't mind having sausages all day in Aussie if they were chorizos.

Chicken taco

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