Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween is meant to be scary

Rumour has it that Halloween in Aussie is not a free pass to be slutty.  What a strange concept huh?
Apparently, they actually try to be scary... like skeleton/zombie (sidenote: hopped off the tram to watch the nearly neverending zombie walk by Flinders, kind of drifted in and out of reality as we stood by the side watching people trudge by)/monster face make up scary.
Isn't stopping us Americans from pairing bra and panties with some sort of identifying accessory and calling ourselves cats/bunnies/bumblebees though.

Anyways, satisfied my baking needs by visiting the fam again.  I told my little cousins to decorate their cupcakes like pumpkins in honour of Halloween, so they did.
This is why you need little sisters - baking buddies.
Number one thing I find I am always missing: cheap peanut M&Ms.
And now I want Twix and Kit-Kats.

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