Thursday, October 25, 2012

L.. what?

I've gotten many blank stares when I casually say "LDOC." 
Not even from Aussies... from Americans.
Is that not an accepted acronym?

Done with class before it's even Halloween.  Such a strange feeling.
Rumour has it that there's a slip n slide on South Lawn.
Too bad I'll be in prac... and then lecture.
Too bad it's raining, too.

It amused me that Melbourne's colours are the same as Duke's.
Getting double use out of all of my... two items of uni merchandise.

Happily nomming on free-ish burgers (supplies courtesy of Costco - only place you'll find buns in Aussieland apparently... fuck, I miss Costco) and spiders (aka floats) on the penultimate (I remember when we thought we'd never use this word in high school English) day of class.

And their creaming soda that comes in a pink can is actually pink, like candyland, Katy Perry status pink.

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