Wednesday, September 5, 2012

chicken tikka

I kind of have this tradition where whenever I'm in the library, I feel compelled to write a post - probably because the Internet is most stable here.
I've only just explored the Medical library, which I quite enjoy.  Between the pink/black/white theme, the random areas of mood lighting, and the various-sized holes in the ceiling "tiles," I feel a little like a fantasy.

If there's one food that Aussie is definitely not lacking, it's curry.
All sorts of curry.
There is literally an Indian place followed by a Thai place on every street - mostly likely multiple times on every street, maybe even followed by an Indian and Thai place (fancyy).
And it always smells so good.
And I like to believe that all of them are good because I would like to believe they are run by immigrants or descents of their respective countries.  Because let's just all agree that, for example, you'd feel more optimistic going to an Indian place run by an Indian person rather than an Indian place run by, say, an Italian person.  
So because I believe all of them are good, I can't decide where to go... so I just don't elect to go to any at all.
Maybe I have problems.  Maybe they border on OCD.
I don't know, choices overwhelm me.

Anyways, is it weird that it makes me miss home that much more?  I mean, Durham/Chapel Hill isn't particularly known for curry and my family's Chinese, so...
Well, let's narrow it down to... it makes me miss my kitchen that much more.  We can even narrow that down to gas stove//wok//spice cabinet.  So it's really the resources for making curries that I miss.
If I could offer some advice to past-me, bring those spices, bring all those spices.
Chicken Tikka Masala adapted from Aarti of FN,
using spice mixture I impulsively bought from a spice shop in Raleigh.
Naan adapted from random recipe found on Internet - I haven't found a recipe I particularly love and stand behind (well... I don't have that for anything because I tend to always want to make something new, fail or no fail... maybe I should start developing a repertoire of go-to recipes).
I always get excited when I think I can make naan... before I realize it's really not worth it to buy yeast.

Just obtained an untouched jar of kalamatas (from Microbiology taste tests) and a whole damn pesto pizza (thank you Izzy and Sydney).  This weekend is going to be too good.

Great Ocean Road on Saturday, overflowing excitement.

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