Monday, September 10, 2012

caught in a wind storm

 I have honey in my hair and two bowls of muesli//four slices of raisin bread//three pancakes in my tummy.  I have a paper on the fermentation of olives that I can't focus on.
And spring break is just 6 days away (after Ingrid Michealson and two long work shifts).

 Took a day trip to Great Ocean Road (instead of studying for my midterm), but it was Izzi&Elisabeth's birthdays, so it had to be done.
Forecasted weather was high 22C... and it was... for maybe all of 5 minutes at one of the beaches.

Things I learned in school that day:
Bells Beach is apparently world famous for surfing (had a movie made there.. or about it.. or something), which was evident after seeing the monstrous waves.  Pictures definitely don't convey what I saw - the waves that started way out in the ocean were pretty much at eye level to me standing on the beach.  Absolutely ridiculous.  Mental note to return here for surf lessons and fingers crossed I don't die.
12 Apostles are now eight (and the little one said, roll over, roll over.. so they all rolled over and one fell down...).  They used to be called the sow and her piglets but 12 Apostles sounded better for a tourist attraction.  The most recent one fell in 2005.  Kind of weird to think about big natural changes during a lifetime.
Overcast skies and terrifying wind speeds (the kind of wind you have to fight to take a step in) did not make for beautiful tourist pictures but there's always something satisfying about seeing, in real life, what you've only ever seen in pictures.

London Bridge collapsed in 1990.  And now it's London Arch.  Used to be that you could walk across the bridge to the arch 30 meters out.  Story goes that a man and woman just made it across when the bridge collapsed into the ocean.  Scary?  Yes.  Lucky?  Most definitely.  Unfortunately, guy was cheating with the girl, and their rescue was put all over the news.  Karma at its finest.

I tried capturing the size of the waves, and this is the best I could do.  It's basically trying to engulf that rock right there.  Some "skated" along the rocks.  No wonder shit keeps collapsing.

Wild birds love people?  Only people with food.  One of highlights of day was probably when the birds finally landed on me after Sally and I attempted to stand still with our arms out for minutes at a time.  Also pet a kookaburra that was just chilling on a stand outside the convenience store.
Now, I just have to go hunt down a platypus and a Tasmanian devil and my Aussie animal checklist will be complete.

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