Monday, September 3, 2012

3 square meals/homie gotta have breakfast

The most tragic thing I realized last night was that I forgot my tips after work.  $7.  Considering (a) it's not customary to tip here, (b) I'm a poor uni student, and (c) a decent-but small-meal can be purchased for about $10, seven dollars is kind of a big deal.

Progression of meals weeks 1-6
peanut butter, pecan, chocolate chip, (sometimes bananas if available) sammy on poppyseed bread
with the tea that my daddy so thoughtfully packed for me
other variations include pb/bananas/cinnamon/honey, pb/honey/vegemite (surprisingly so good... or I"m just a freak), pb/apples/pecans, bananas/pb/nutella, and of course, classic pb.

middle of the night, legit eating cold rice and kimichi straight out of the takeaway containers
fried up an easy over egg because I was feeling fancy.

four muffins for eleven dollars because I'm weak
gluten free banana eaten on site, apple cinnamon eaten with peanut butter (it's gross how much peanut butter I eat - jar count is now at 3), recommended-by-cashier strawberry and bran eaten mushed up with muesli and soymilk, boysenberry eaten after simply microwaved
it's really because I am unable to make my own muffins.

[disclaimer: parody time, please don't think I actually speak this way about food]
beautiful pan fried fillet of barramundi topped with luscious homemade tomato (read: toe-mah-toe) sauce - made with fresh, plump tomatoes, mind you - and laid ever so delicately over a bed of spiced, fluffy, golden basmati rice
with a side of juicy bok choy sauteed with oyster sauce.
[end parody time - thanks rando friend of Jeanette]
I think I ate this whilst on the phone with Bernard... yeah, that was the night I literally didn't stop eating even though I didn't really stop talking... to the point where even my roommate was appalled (aka, I hit an all time new record for nonstop eating I guess).

My stomach is embarrassingly acting up in the library, right about now.
Speaking of, still can't believe Ballieu library closes at 10pm.  Missing the option of staying at Perkins late into the night and walking those used-to-be-grueling-but-not-compared-to-the-five-streets-I-have-to-cross-now couple of steps back to the dorm.
The list of things I won't complain about anymore is currently as follows: free e-print, meal plans, housing on campus, my shit phone, Perkins.
(Although this is probably a lie given that complaining about shit is a form of bonding with strangers.)
On the bright side, I'm going to have to admit that, statistically, the percentage of classes I hate back at home is far greater than that of UniMelb.
(Okay, minus the fact that we don't get those beloved cheat sheets for science classes.)

I just realized I don't know what I'm going to do for Thanksgiving - it's not something I can just skip.  Calling all American friends and someone with a kitchen, pleaseee.

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