Sunday, September 2, 2012

carrots, apples, peanut butter

As I wait for my article about olive fermentation to load, I am going to be super unproductive and blog instead of familiarising myself with proteins and lipids.

This is the final result of having too many carrots and apples to eat before they go bad.
My dollar kg bag of carrots had been growing hairs in the bottom shelf of the fridge for the week that I neglected to eat them (mainly because I was out of hummus).
So I boiled them and mashed them (with the random potato masher that came in our study abroad pack... of all things to include), mixed in some raw sugar, cinnamon, and just a tad of ginger.
And then came the contemplating of how to consume it because eating carrot puree with a spoon didn't totally appeal to me.
Because, as mentioned before, I constantly crave pancakes while I'm here (thankful for free breakfast on Wednesday, but it's not enough).  And because people were talking about it earlier.
It was kind of a science experiment given that I didn't have measuring cups (used the lines on one of the two glasses we have) or large bowls (used a pot).
The result was a lovely stack of burnt (because our stove is a piece of shit) whilst undercooked (because our stove is, again, a piece of shit) carrot pancakes for dinner.
Reduced some sliced apples (thank god for that knife our neighbors to the left forgot about) in cinnamon and brown sugar to top it off.
Add globs of peanut butter [not pictured] just for good measure because I have a serious problem.

Free postcards, free postcards all around Melbourne.  I've taken to collecting them for no reason other than that I like nonsensical things//free souvenirs.
This damn olives article really refuses to be seen...

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