Friday, August 17, 2012

edge of sanity

Late night eating has become kind of a tradition.
Three bowls of muesli with the works (I'm talking muesli, Greek yogurt, soy milk, chocolate chips, frozen berries, nuts, honey, cinnamon, and flax seed) and many slices of bread loaded with peanut butter, vegemite, and honey (and yes, the trio combination tastes surprisingly delicious - found my new favorite way to eat vegemite... no butter required).
Reminds me of the nights I would exert too much effort into baking into the night instead of studying.  There was the time I searched campus for crepe materials at like... 3am.  That was special.  Or the time I lost my shit, threw everything aside, and hiked down to the kitchen to make something chocolatey.  It's kind of typical.
So I think I'm kind of filling a void with these elaborate hint-of-sweetness meals at 11pm (hey, better than 3am).

 This was just kind of a masterpiece because I managed to find everything on campus.  Reminds me how much I miss a meal plan and living on campus.  I guess I really don't appreciate Duke enough.

In the most descriptive of terms...
olive oil and honey Greek yogurt cake with orange glaze and cinnamon sugar pecan cream cheese frosting.
topped with raspberries.
I remember trekking about campus after class collecting the honey Greek yogurt, oranges, and eggs from the lobby shop; the pecans and raspberries from the Greek stand; and the flour and olive oil from... Alicia's room.
 The texture was perfect for a late night mood: denser and cakey.  Floral sweetness of the cake with bitterness from the orange glaze, and the sugar rush of the cream cheese frosting.
And I do believe Revenge was on that night.

Still upset stress baking is not an option here.
Still determined to come up with something.
Stocking up on muesli until then - this stuff is fucking fantastic, I still can't get over it.

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