Friday, December 22, 2017

tourist land

La Sagrada Familia was the first thing on my nonfood list. Jules said it would change my life, and while I wouldn't go that far, it was pretty incredible.

Honestly, I was more blown away by the Hospital de Sant Pau. Something about the architecture reminded me of candy and Dr. Seuss.
And they were hosting fashion week - so that basically confirms its magnificent beauty right?
Actually, though, it was kind of annoying because several of the buildings were closed off to us tourists. 

We walked around in the heat powered only by an espresso + croissant breakfast and a super light lunch where we were the only patrons in the quiet restaurant. Must have been an odd hour because location one was just closing when we walked up, and someone led us to their secondary location. Lunch was basically a replenishment snack.

Doesn't matter - I was looking forward to and saving myself for dinner.
All I wanted was some paella.
It was just me and Audrey (sans Dad and Brother who got sick) at Can Majó.
Dad's absence was only a problem because there were rules regarding how many people each paella could serve, and thus how many people it'd be required to order one. But I was determined to get my paella for two for one. Even if it meant paying twice as much, which I must have conveyed to the waiter because he came back and offered me a half portion at the single person price. This is why it's good to have determination, kids.
Squid ink paella with shrimp and mussels.
We lumbered home after the sun had set, stomachs full and happy, passing by people swing dancing on the square...
... and then we found a giant lobster statue. That was kinda cheeky. It must've had the squid ink paella too.

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