Sunday, March 5, 2017

sourdough diary

I had resolved to stop buying bread. The caveat to that was that I was mainly talking about grocery store sandwich bread. I still have yet to master a crusty chewy artisan round, but then an SMF post and Pairings event came together and now Sunny has a baby sister, Tina. Tina the sourdough starter.

Tina, the first
Day 1: 100 g AP flour + 100 g warm water
Day 2: mixed once, fed 50g AP + 50g warm water
Day 3: some bubbles visible, gross weird smell, mixed
Day 4: very bubbly, smells almost rotten when mixed, fed 50 g AP + 50g warm water
Day 5: smells strongly of vinegar, took out 3/4c starter for scones*, fed 50g AP + 50g warm water
Day 6: smells like sauerkraut, fed 50g AP + 50g warm water, bubbles immediately
Day 7: smells like sauerkraut still
Day 8: fed 50g AP + 50g water, very liquidy
Day 9: fed 50g AP + 50g water
Day 10: smelled like paint thinner, transferred 8oz into mason jar, fed 25g AP
Day 11: still smelled lightly of paint thinner, few bubbles visible from side, put in fridge for weekend

Tartine's Country Loaf is transcendent. I have no other words except, "Go get one if you can."
I could've very well eaten the whole thing on its own, just picked off chunks here and there while watching 30 Rock and relating to Liz Lemon on a deep and personal level, but I also love spreads and sauces.. as you know I know you know. And my pantry and fridge happened to be just set up for three perfect carb accompaniments.
sardine rillette adapted from David Lebovitz
Maxine liked to make fun of me and my cans of sardines. But they feel as essential as cans of chickpeas or tomato paste. Which is to say.. essential in emergencies. Subbed the cream cheese out for Greek yogurt. Couldn't find capers at 99 Ranch, so used green olives instead.
chicken liver pate from NYT
I can't believe how cheap a container of livers is versus how expensive pate can be sometimes. I had one liver stored away in the freezer from the time I roasted a chicken, and it was only an extra $2 to supplement it with a pint more. I used red wine + 1 t or so of sugar instead of Madeira.
harissa with cream cheese adapted from David Lebovitz
An orange pepper came in my Imperfect box. I used my enormous bag of dried chilies from an Asian grocer and cut the amount in half, but despite that, the end result was still a bowl of fire. I mean, it's definitely because I left the seeds in out of laziness. Also in case you were wondering, I did drain the chilies with my right hand... and yes, my hand did burn and tingle for the rest of the night. Absolutely, I did shower with just my left hand.

Unfortunately, in the end, Tina I didn't make it. But Tina II is almost ready for her first assignment.

*sourdough scones
adapted from here

2.5 c AP flour
8 oz frozen cranberries
1/2 t salt
1.5 t baking powder
1/2 t baking soda
1/3 c sugar
1/2 c cold butter
3/4 c sourdough starter
1 egg
1/3 c cream
(optional, obviously) the fruit on the bottom part of a pineapple Chobani yogurt... because I used the yogurt part for the sardine spread... waste not want not, right?

ginger glaze = 1/4 c water + 1/4 c sugar + knob of ginger, sliced + simmer simmer simmer

-line cake pan with plastic wrap and fill with cranberries
-combine dry ingredients
-work in cold butter
-drizzle in milk and starter (mine was super liquidy.. like pancake batter) (and pineapple) and bring dough together
-press into cake pan, wrap, and freeze overnight
-thaw a bit to cut prior to baking
-bake 18-20min at 400F
-glaze with ginger syrup
-devour with coffee

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