Sunday, August 21, 2016

for one don't judge

Reservation for one, please.
I had my mind set on Tempo Doeloe after Bourdain visited the place on No Reservations, and I immediately started drooling all over my computer (this is why I need the keyboard cover). 
Going into it, I panicked a little. Is it regular to order a large sampling platter for one person? Should I just get a couple small dishes from the main menu? Will I be able to finish it all? 
What silly questions.
Went for the rijsttafel stimoelan - rice table for one.
Which started with chicken peanut satay. 
And sweet and sour salad, prawn crackers, seroendang (fried coconut flakes), white and yellow rice.
I could feel the judgment from the table beside me when my platter of baby ramekins arrived. I couldn't be sure because they were speaking in what I assume to be Dutch (I confess that I porbably wouldn't be confident in picking out Dutch/Danish/Swedish). Or maybe they were commenting on how good it looked. Or how impressive of a human I am. Or maybe they were first timers too and were confirming what a rice table entailed. Doesn't matter - I was happily taking cover from the rain by surrounding myself with colorful food.

Light Googling between making presentation slides (part of the reason why its a slow going process).
In order of increasing spiciness level:
sawi toemis - mustard greens, except I had three different preparations of cabbage
babi tijen - pork belly
gadon dari sapi - beef
oerapan - spiced veggie dish
s.g. boentjes - green beans
s.g. oedang - prawns
sateh ajam - chicken satay
petjel - salad with peanut sauce
gado gado - mixed veggies with peanut sauce
ora arie - ?
ajam roedjak - sweet spiced chicken
Such a fan of peanut sauce and the coconut flakes that I'd like to bread everything in.
Not sure I'd agree it was worth the €32ish since the cabbage dishes were all essentially repeats, but I could've fallen into a food coma right at the table.

A job well done, I'd say.

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