Tuesday, May 24, 2016

liquid diet

After light Google searching, I decided the time-filler touristy activity I'd do with Dad is wandering through Spirits Alley. A stretch of converted hangars housing all the types of alcohol in wide open and bright spaces, where you can drink right next to the barrels and fermentation vats.
I feel like this whole modern industrial warehouse-feel thing is trending, and I'm okay with it.
Side note: it's also home of fog vodka, as I learned this morning.
Rock Wall Wine Company had a hazy, foggy view of SF in the distance and a dome tent that reminded me of Epcot. Where you can taste 5 wines for $15 and the Chardonnay was just so buttery and smooth, which was convenient for Christy... and me because buy a bottle (over $25) and you basically taste "for free."
Faction Brewing had nifty wall murals, but we were really just strolling through to get to..
...St George Spirits, where you taste 3 standard liquors and 3 fancy liquors/liqueurs for $15. I don't like gin but that dry rye gin.. mmm. Made from a white whiskey base, which is the only reason why I dared to take a sip of gin without mixer. The citrus vodka was so refreshing, and the green chile vodka made me hungry. The pear brandy is made with about 30lbs of pear per bottle and tastes like it, too. And the spiced pear liqueur *shudders* *smacks lips* *dessert fantasies abound*. Then as much as I wanted to nurse a sample of the coffee liqueur, I couldn't pass up trying absinthe. Light green and translucent to begin, they add an ice cube so you can watch is turn into a cloudy galaxy as you lightly roll the glass side to side (but don't swirl! learning new things every day). The licorice was too intense for me, but I wouldn't turn it down in a glass of root beer. Sometimes my dad's "always ask" motto pays off because then we got to sneak in to watch the bottling line in action - it was raspberry liqueur day.

I know where I'm dragging visitors next year.

Unintentionally driving through Oakland's Chinatown later was an excuse to keep feeding my thirst. Literally because the taro sago I got on impulse (because there were too many choices at I-Tea) was basically a lunch of liquified starch with starch pearls. 

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