Saturday, May 23, 2015


I'm not sure what possessed me to purchase a 10lb bag of potatoes for just myself, but it happened and contrary to what I always like to think, they do not last forever.  And the only way to reasonably consume pounds of potatoes at a time before the sprouts get out of hand and the flesh turns green, is to grate 'em.
Grate them raw.  For bacon, avocado, and egg hash brown slider as inspired by here.   Except mine were too browned, and I only made one at a time, sort of a made to order kind of thing for myself on a Saturday afternoon after dealing with my flat tire (sometimes often I don't think I'm fit to drive...).  It was an ordeal of soaking and rinsing and draining and squeezing and frying and having patience and setting off the smoke detector 3-4 times... and so much eating.  And napping in the cloud of potato smoke I created.

Grate them cooked.  Boiled to be exact.  For gnocchi the next day.  Not the most common summer BBQ food, I suppose, but I needed a shareable dish and to get rid of much potatoes.  And I've been wanting to attempt gnocchi one more time.
Also an ordeal that involved slowly using up too much of Audrey's flour even though I had an unopened bag hidden in the cabinet (damn my forgetful nature).  Potato dough is not the easiest thing to deal with.  Especially in a hot and humid kitchen.  But evidently people liked the result and that's all that really matters.
With a tomato-y, fishy, Asian-y sauce inspired by here.  I would've been all over this particular marinara sauce had I had some anchovies in my possession, but after moping while opening/closing cabinet and fridge doors several times, I ended up with...
-onions and garlic, red pepper flakes
-a couple glugs of white wine
-can of tomato sauce
-spoon of shrimp paste
-drops of fish sauce
-splash of mirin
-handful of dried black beans
-salt and pepper all the way through
-lots of scallions over top
I had to resist eating all of it before indulging on Jared's delicious pulled pork and ribs.
Napping happened after this too.

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