Sunday, March 1, 2015

cookie season

I told myself I'd review Biochem notes for College Bowl.  I got as far as transferring the documents from hard drive to Uva*.
Because I got distracted by these precious cookies.
Precious because Samoas are like an ancient artifact ever since the name change and box change and I guess bakery change (?).  Precious because I spent no less than three hours cutting rounds and "gluing" coconut to cookie and chocolate dipping.  (Good thing I had Audrey to teach me about DNA and Mendel's peas.)  Precious because I probably won't have the patience to make them for another few years.
Recipe adapted from here, divided in half, which still gave me plenty enough.
If you are in a pinch and lack a special cookie cutter, might I suggest a shot glass and a wide bubble tea straw.
I cheated/made my life a bit easier by using a jar of salted caramel I scored from a Smucker's info session.  It still involved patiently painting a layer of caramel on each cookie to make sure the coconut stuck, but at least it was one less pot to clean.  I did try my hand at making Samoas a couple years ago, and it was a disaster because I specifically remember how finicky the coconut/caramel mixture is to deal with when too hot or too cold.  I'm telling you - this solves all problems.
I knew it was all worth it when Bianca said these were better than the original Girl Scout Cookie, and that may or may not have made my Friday.
Saved myself $3.75 the next time I walked pass a GSC table because my faves are Samoas and now I know I don't have to buy them.

*My beautiful little Mac goes by Uva.

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