Thursday, December 11, 2014

the freezer is my friend

As I was saying before...
This was post Thanksgiving.  And after a 5am flight and two buses.  My ability to function is inversely related to how many vehicles I must sit in.
It was probably around Halloween time that I made some empanadas.  Or I attempted to make some (baby, ugly looking) empanadas from here.  Not entirely sure why except that I've got a bag of whole wheat flour that needs using, and I needed a good freezer recipe.  It didn't hurt to have 95% of the ingredients already on hand.  And I've had a bag of dried New Mexican chilies that were just about going on their third birthday and aching to be turned into a sauce.
I held back for the (not very appealing but whatever, you can look at it anyways) picture, but they were actually smothered in sauce when I finally tried two (and ONLY two because, again, I knew they'd be handy for the more desperate times).  Those desperate times came about when I arrived back in Madison at noon, and it somehow felt like midnight, so I promptly dove into my (very comfortable despite what anyone says) air mattress and slept and slept and slept.  No groceries for Amelia until the week is up.
And that's why I ate many emapanadas (plus the occasional free and restaurant meal) that week.
So dough is usually not my friend, and I always end up with this problem of shrunken fillings and hollow space, not so dissimilar from my apple pie problem.  Maybe one day I'll get the hang of working with doughs... but until then, rice is my bae (sorry, the word has been bouncing around in my head since P-chem office hours..."bae" and "pimp").
Consumed at my desk with snarky packets of Taco Bell hot sauce while watching The Voice and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  It would seem so sad if it didn't taste decently good.

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