Sunday, December 14, 2014

still going

Catherine, Liban, and I capped off a SUPER productive Steep&Brew study sesh by eating burgers.
After much pressure to choose a location, my need to try ALL the burgers landed us at DLUX with milkshakes all around.  While I knew that I knew that Liban was correct in saying that Tipsy can't be bested by DLUX, the scientist in me had to find out first hand.  Plus, we had deals for a free milkshake - plug for Hooked, even though I don't work for them.
I went for the vanilla coconut (over the pumpkin pie... I know, what a mistake) because my attachment to coconut is slowly growing.  Catherine, blackberry.  Liban, red velvet.  I don't know if we ever figured out what that interesting aftertaste was in the blackberry shake, but ultimately Liban liked it more than Catherine, so they switched shakes, as I happily struggled with mine (soooo sweet, tooooo sweet, even my sweet tooth friends said it was sweeeeet) before asking for a to-go cup, bringing it home, and mixing it with a pumpkin porter - fucking delicious in case you were wondering.
(As a side note, I'm now very conscious of parenthesis usage, Audrey.)
The burger of the month was a green chili cheeseburger with bacon, monterey jack, roasted chilies, onion, crispy tortilla strips, and ancho queso sauce.  It was the burger I desired upon walking through the door.  Because it was the burger that targeted my weakness for foods that remind me of NM.  And it was the burger I decided I had to order despite heavily leaning towards the salmon sandwich.  But no, Amelia, you must be true to your burger quest!
And it was very... ehhhh.  Not ehhhh enough that I regretted it.  Just ehhhh enough that I probably won't back to satisfy a burger craving.  (The next time I went, it was for Monday night drinks with the FS girls.  Fancy venue.  Cool waitress.  Still go.  Especially if you already failed to get a table at Tipsy Cow and Old Fashioned... )
The patty was a bit dry - I always always order medium rare to keep it consistent.  The green chiles weren't spicy enough, but I shouldn't take off points for that.  And the bun was decent.
I don't have much else to say.  The venture persists.  And at this point, that's the key fact that everyone knows about me. :)

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