Sunday, September 16, 2012

loaded and high spirits

I'm not one for artists.  Everyone knows I only recognize songs, not so much who sings them... or even the song titles in some cases.  But a $55 ticket to see Ingrid Michaelson seemed too good to pass up - why not, when I listened to "Parachute" on repeat over the summer.  Checking off "see a concert in Melbourne" from my list.

Greatest. Decision. Ever.
Girl is hilarious; I don't know why I didn't expect her to be such a funny storyteller... probably because her music is so light and romantic and, often times, slow.
We can add her onto my very very short list of artists I love.
I don't even know what the best part of the show was...
the fact that her hubby Greg Laswell (who, by the way, is also funny... also surprising given that his music is on my contemplative/moody/want-to-disappear-from-the-world playlist) opened
or that they did a duet, super "cute-town on the same mike" (her words).
And not to mention the way he looked at her while she went on her rant about "Babies on Planes" ( a world where babies are on planes...dun dun dun) - so adorable I wanted to throw tomatoes at them.
Or maybe it was when the audience requested "You and I" and Ingrid brought a man on stage from the crowd to sing with her.
Or the part where Ingrid, Ally, and Bess were laughing so hard it took them awhile to get ready for the next song - ah, chemistry on stage.
Or just that she was absolutely amazing live.

"Most people in this world are strangers... that's very wise."
What you need, what you need I need too.
What you are, what you are I am too.
Because we're all the same under a different name...

In the three weeks since I've been a working girl, never have I wanted serve someone as much as dude-admiring-cake-display - but then his friend showed up and they walked away.  Also decided I kind of love when people pick out that I'm from the States - makes it feel like I have a story to tell, sort of, in a way, well not really, but still.

No longer have porn star hair - hopefully now my shampoo will last me until December.  And loving the hair dressers here... okay, the one I went to.  Wish I could take her home with me.  You know you're in good hands when the next customer in line is waiting on you because your hairdresser is so good... or maybe he just had a little crush on her.

Finished two and a half packages of Tim Tams in about 3 days... this is not good.  I cannot buy those things until right before I leave.

Waking up bright and early to go to Singapore, tomorrow.  Loving that the exchange rate almost always favours the AUD.  (And moving here gets more appealing.)

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  1. gahhh so jealous of your adventures/ absolutely love that you're having such a wonderful time in aussieland.