Friday, September 14, 2018


The last anniversary of any sort I celebrated was my workiversary when we got a bunch of deep dish pizzas because when you're a small company, you can be big on celebrating everything. The one before that.... was probably in high school.

This one feels like the sixth one. I suddenly understand how adult relationships can have such an abbreviated time frame. No longer "Omg they got engaged after just one year?" More like "Oh wow one year, okay."
I am not engaged.
But I am living with a boy, and it's weird and easy and frustrating all at once.
All we do to celebrate is eat. Naturally.

known for the chicken and waffles, but we went with pulled bbq sammich and smoked chicken and shrimp gumbo

slanted door spring rolls, chicken claypot, cellophane noodles with dungeness crab, soft scrambled eggs with long beans were overall underwhelming for how yum the descriptions sounded but I was mostly pleasantly surprised he picked a spot I had starred anyways

bryce had high high high praises for this place - the truffle butter edamame was evidently bomb - so I saved it up in my birthdays back pocket

Rise Biscuits and Donuts
[monumental visit home]

the californian inside him was disappointed avocado toast did not actually mean avocado on toast, but who can be disappointed too long when unattractively devouring biscuit sammiches. disappointing was the oily peach fritter

cherry tomato salad with ume amazu dressing and shichimi rice chips
fluke and bonito
toro belly with truffle paste
bluefin, mackerel, grouper, toro over rice
watermelon granita palette cleanser
toumorokoshi tofu with takesumi chip and corn mousse
baked kanpachi with daikon soy and shiso avocado salsa
[not pictured] toro, spanish mackerel, salmon, japanese seabream
[pictured] Luke looking disappointed we ate our toro before documenting it
ichigo ice cream with kinako, dark chocolate chip, and pistachios

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