Friday, August 24, 2018

inaugural cooking club

It all started with a mutual obsession with Ratatouille and a mandolin.

Cooking Club/Sunday Supper decided French was the way to go for the first get together because Kevin and Jamie are inexplicably* obsessed with Ratatouille. Like knows-all-the-music-for-all-the-scenes obsessed.
I was okay with that because my housemate had just been talking up this basque cake, and I was super intrigued and it fit our chosen theme perfectly.
Adapted the basque cake from here, and followed all the directions until the part about the filling. I went with pears instead because I was on a pear kick. And I wove in some miso caramel because I am still on that miso kick.
pear miso jammy filling
1 barlett pear, skinned and diced
1T ish miso paste
1T ish sugar
-cook over medium heat until mushy and jammy and sticky
So anyways, I sandwiched the pear miso jam in between the two disks of basque dough.
And sliced away at my other pear to pick out some pretty slices to arrange on top.
And brushed it all with more miso caramel.
And baked it for 40 min at 350F.
And took so so many pictures with it outside as everyone else arrived.

The ratatouille was the star of the show of course. With its supporting friends: French onion soup and basque cake.

*I only say inexplicably because how can you compete with The Incredibles or all the tears I shed during Up?

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