Sunday, April 22, 2018

surprise engagement

I was told it was a surprise birthday party.
It turned into a surprise engagement party.

I was told Brandon loved brownies.
But I didn't want to just show up with a plate of brownies.
Figured out a way to turn brownies into cake, inspired by Gaby.
Add orange zest to the chocolate chip cookie layer.
Swirled in some miso caramel into the brownie layer.
Left the Oreo layer untouched, except that I used Trader Joe's brand over Nabisco.
Naked frosting.
Miso caramel drip.
And a cookie on top.

Okay two cookies.

Okay some brownie bites, too.

Nope, more brownie bites.
And some Hershey's bars.

Yes, perfect.

And off to the beach. V v v v v vvvvv carefully.
Where we never got around to eating it... because it's not exactly beach friendly, but got the thumbs up from Brandon days later.
Ugh, happiest engagement to the best Mah Jong teachers. I love my new pride sunglasses.

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