Saturday, January 20, 2018

avocado bath

I always feel like there are no January birthdays around me - it's all summer babies all the time - so I always feel like I have so much in common with people when I find out they are a fellow January baby. Like Ver.
We went on a girl date to International Smoke, and I took this as a opportunity to practice big swirly flowers (and also to fantasize about Ayesha Curry greeting each table and taking extra time at ours because it was a double birthday date and we brought our own cake).
The second part didn't happen, of course.
But some wonderfully cute smoke fish beignets (that I wish were bigger).
A smoked burrata that mostly stuck in my memory as a salad.
Because I'd rather have the spicy New Mexican adovada ribs.
I'm not usually a fan of unfocused restaurants, but the menu read as delicious. I would have had more trouble deciding if I hadn't already heard lots of recommendations for the ribs. The satisfaction to cost ratio isn't high enough for me to make a return trip any time soon, but I did appreciate that in addition to letting us eat our own cake for dessert, we also each got an ice cream cookie sammich with a candle.
avocado cake. lime sabayon. mascarpone frosting.

Happy Birthday to Ver!

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