Thursday, June 15, 2017

closing time

It's fridge-clean out time.
Because I'm leaving for Morocco/Spain/Portugal tomorrow!
And I'm calmly excited.
Is that possible?
I don't know, but it's how I feel.
But because Blue Apron messed up my order a couple weeks ago, I ended up with my week's box during this last week along with some random perishables here and there, which made for a daunting challenge especially when work provides lunch. These are the first world problems that plague my mind all day long.
Meanwhile, I last minute ordered a quick dry towel and water filter for my trip... what did we do in the days before Amazon had guaranteed two-day delivery?

So first impressions of meal boxes?
Why is there so much plastic?!?! Why does everything have to be individually packaged? 

Look at this beautiful pink lemon with the green striped yellow peel!
El oh el that the chicken came cubed up and ready.... but I had to dirty up another pan to bake half the rice.
But at least the final result was pretty good. Adding preserved lemon and mint didn't hurt this Persian chicken either.

Toted the pan fried catfish with vegetable curry over to Brandon and Jared's, who happened to have a Hello Fresh chicken parm meal, too. Curry was too sweet, but can't complain too much when it only took about an hour and a half to make both meals.
Last meal was steak and salsa verde with asparagus, radishes, and a shriveled bell pepper instead of potatoes cooked in lots and lots of butter. And citrus mint salad as dessert.

The yukon potatoes contributed towards the pile of baked fries instead.
With red curry tamarind sauce and garlicky Japanese mayo dips (not pictured).
Because David can't keep his birthday under wraps when I'm around (mainly because he told me himself despite what he might aggressively claim) and had to go savory over sweet for someone who had been eating cheesecake/chocolate cake/apple pie/ice cream for dinner all week. In other words: no, I did not eat the entire pile of hot and crispy fries right out of the oven. I have incredible self control when I need to.

Now someone help me brainstorm what a french fry bread would be.


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