Sunday, November 6, 2016

work perks

When they told me we do lunch together everyday and that I had the option to opt out,  I didn't want to assume too much. I expected free food from time to time (as one would working at a food company), but lunch every single day? Whaaaat? As Abbey would say.. I am so hashtag blessed. Not opting out.
I'm about to throw some serious first world problems with a dash of personal issues at you... but these lunches are making it difficult to figure out general life a meal plan. We eat just after noon and so much that I've found myself eating a slice of cake or some olives or nothing at all for dinner. I end up accumulating weekend leftovers and not grocery shopping. The other thing is we gotta keep it vegetarian. So in the end, I really end up eating a lot of carbs. In the form of naan or tortilla chips or rice.
Lots of Indian and Mexican running through my veins these days.
So the obvious choice for outside-of-work-meals-of-meat might not be Mexican. But I guess I should clarify that we aren't usually getting tamales and tacos and enchiladas. Just normal black bean burritos with cheesy nachos. And in that case, the obvious choice for outside-of-work-meals is definitely Mexican. Drive carefully in San Leandro because you might just miss Puerto Bello and its parking lot like we did one early winter night.
What got us in the door was my random craving for mild chile sauces and refried beans with iceberg lettuce. What won us over were the Yelp pictures. That beautiful taco platter. Chicken, carne asada, carnitas, fish, shrimp. With the most intriguingly addictive creamy orange sauce that paired perfectly with seafood.
Also got the combo platter for the tamale. And those aforementioned cravings. It came with this equally intriguing sweet corn mash.

Definitely got my filling of meat. I'm a little worried veg lunches aren't doing me too many favors.

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