Tuesday, September 27, 2016

passion or force

A Taste of the Past described Scandinavia as "a place of intensity."
No place I ate at so adequately represented that as Øl and Brød.

I walked in alone and slightly disheveled in my Columbia quarter zip, but I had a reservation so I belonged. And I needed a beer. No I didn't, but it just felt right. Had to sink back into eating alone with Ann and Sam gone. The waiter did make that a bit easier (it was a very one-sided admiration, and an unexpected one). Anyways, I'd like a barrel of this elderflower beer please and thank you.
Finally, herring. First three items on the menu were herring, so I didn't really explore further. Except the veal heart caught my eye. But I went with two herring smørrebrøds to make up for the lack of herring the night before.
Christiansøfarten herring with red onion, yogurt, dill

Marinated herring with egg, mustard, capers, cress

Intense was the only way to describe both toasts. I was hit in the face with sweet and salty licorice right away, and I might've cringed at the first one. Licorice is just one flavor that I'm not sure I'll ever get 100% on board with. And it's not like the other components were muted. Taste/flavor binding receptors were assaulted on all fronts. Most of the time in the best way... aka when I wasn't taking down the first herring. The second guy was more floral, intensely floral. I walked away feeling overpowered. But at least the beer was (mistakenly?) on the house (nah ;)).

When I got caught in the rain during my last hours in Copenhagen, I was on a mission to find a hot dog. Because apparently Danish hot dogs are a thing.. or the Danes love their hot dogs? One or the other. But either way, I ended up at Døp, which (unfortunately because I was getting wet but would've been great in any other condition because eating a hot dog on the go just makes sense) was just a food stand. I got my classic roast pork sausage with ketchup, mustard, remoulade, fresh and fried onions, and pickles.
Wait, now I'm craving a hot dog.

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