Wednesday, September 7, 2016


I've never waited so long for a bowl of porridge.
Not in a bad way. I mean, I was really holding myself together, so as not to cross the line into hangry, but we entertained ourselves with taking pictures and their cookbook.

We started the day at Grød, where two people seemed to be tag-teaming the orders. At one point, one of them had to run outside to their garden, presumably, to pick apples and carrots for a made-to-order carrot juice for the little boy and his dad in front of us. The other one was chopping away at strawberries and such for made-to-order porridge too, I guess. Doesn't seem wildly efficient, but people kept coming in to line up, so I guess the pros outweigh the cons. Is this like when you're hot enough to be a shit person (not that I believe that's justified)?
Whatever. We did get our porridge finally. All-in grød for me because I'm indecisive and this was perfect.
With acai-chiagrød for Sam and skyr for Ann.
The paradoxical thing about porridge is that I feel simultaneously warm/heavy and light/healthy after scraping clean a bowl of hot granola with nut and fruit toppings. Good and bad when I had to face the biting cold wind in a crop and the thinnest pants I own while browsing through a flea market where I got $5 work pants (so now I can say "Oh thank you, I got these for $5 at a Copenhagen street market" and thus making myself sound more well-traveled than I actually am).
Ann takes pictures of food.
This was the first day we got caught in the rain. Quick background, rain storms in Scandinavia are sudden and intense and short-lived... mostly. There was a day in Sweden, I caved and desperately bought an umbrella, but I'll get to that. We ducked for cover at Mikkeller & Friends where mint-y turquoise-y blue became my favorite interior decor color.
And this chocolate orange porter thing was like sipping on liquid love. So full bodied and intense and dark. I'll never forget you. Even if you did come in a dainty wine glass for something like $8.

Romping around Superkilen (which was smaller than I expected but the color scheme, the structures, the ...amazing) and all five levels of Illums Bolighus (literally want everything in this department store) works up an appetite, so on our way to Aamanns, we stopped for some cheesecake.
Specifically, super creamy lime green pistachio cheesecake.
Sam takes pictures of food.

It was nice to step out of science for awhile and remember that other things exist. These are the benefits of traveling with two designers.

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