Friday, January 30, 2015


I thought I could resist another restaurant week outing for the sake of my food budget, but then I decided I could totally be good for the last week of January.  (I failed on Monday, of course, because Chipotle and Tipsy Cow happened in the same night.  I should know myself better by now).
So I was quite impressed by the pre-dinner snacks.  What tasted like pickled Brussels sprouts, peppery and crunchy green beans, slices of radish with a pat of butter, eggs soaked in beet juice, and a whole scallion stalk.  The bread did come later, but I was definitely more intrigued by the veggies.  Good first impression.
 Smoke Stack 
smoked whitefish salad, smoked trout, lox, caviar, egg and horseradish cream
Save for the occasional fish bone, I was sad to see this appetizer disappear with each bite.  First time trying caviar, too, and I'm not entirely sure I understand the excitement.  It was salty and briney and texturally interesting and complemented the fish well... but so did those dark crispy bits in the bottom left.  Surprisingly, with all the different smoked and pickled elements, I didn't think it was too overwhelming at all.  A+
 Blue Marlin
broiled with hazelnut pesto, lime aioli and fried leeks
All the entrees sounded amazing, each with a buzzword I didn't want to ignore, but in the end, I had to go with the new.  I've never had marlin before (and didn't know people ate it), and it was just as I imagined - tougher and meatier, kind of like tuna.  What really made the dish fantastic, though, are the garnishes.  Obsessed with pesto, aioli, and leeks.  I would be very okay with large bowls of each to dress up every protein.  Maybe I should've requested that of the waiter who was concerned I only took three bites (I love leftovers, dude, and I'd feel better about myself if I didn't eat three full courses in one sitting).
Apple Cherry Crisp
with ice cream
After the appetizer and entree, the dessert was a little underwhelming.  I didn't really want another apple dessert, but the cherry part really reeled me in.  Would have benefited from more crisp.  Food regrets happened - should've gone with the key lime pie... it was the only one no one chose, and I found myself really lacking it after having a bite of everyone else's desserts.

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