Sunday, October 14, 2012

the diet always starts tomorrow

I don't really like eating on campus without a meal plan.  Spending actually feels like spending when you use free money.  It's too easy to swipe a card without caring about the total.
But we'll call this $6 crepe a splurge with my tip money... and a very well balanced lunch.
[Last day at work, by the way.]

I don't really like eating on campus, but let's be serious, Melbourne Uni has far better eateries than Duke.  The willpower to resist can only be so strong.
I spend all my days on one side of campus and the Union House so I never realized the little stalls scattered about, embedded in and around the buildings.
I think I've passed this place numerous times at the beginning of the year, never once during operating hours - I thought it was a shack.  I mean, it literally looks like a shack... that apparently houses a wonderful collection of Nutella and peanut butter.

 Snickers crepe: dark chocolate, caramel, chunky peanut butter.
So delicious.
So overpriced and delicious.

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