Tuesday, October 23, 2012

drowning in tea

Last week of classes.
And I'm sick.
Spent the whole day lying in bed and now I'm on the final season of Six Feet Under.
Nothing like a sibling smoke sesh scene.

As I'm sucking down my four hundredth bottle of water and sixth hundredth cup of peppermint tea, I'm wishing I had more colour, more variety in my diet.

homemade burgers on ciabatta with brie, avocado, mushrooms - so essential
berry soup with almond milk and cookie crumble
scrambled duck egg with leek and pork sausage from the farmer's market

Three and a half weeks before I'm done with uni.
Three more weeks after that before I'm back in the States popping pills for depression and  obsessively stalking the girls here.
Cue hyperventilating... after LDOC.

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